The Challenge of Harmony in Everyday Life

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The Challenge of Harmony in Everyday Life




Harmony is a source of energy and action. God created all things, giving the Human Being a unique, privileged place in His creation. (Gen 1) But not remaining in harmony, man and woman is destroyed and can destroy creation.(Gen 3)

It is in our daily life that each of us is called to concrete action that is consistent with the original harmony. This must be manifested in the way we care for all our relationships: relationship to ourselves, to God, to all creation. Let us act locally as we think globally [1]!

  • Take care of my harmonious relationship with myself
  • When I wake up, I think of how I will take care of myself: bathing, getting dressed, nourishing myself bodily, intellectually, spiritually.
  • During the day, regardless of my age and state of health, I become aware of all parts of my body (e.g., my hands, my fingers, my feet, my heart, etc.) that help me to do well my work and my activities of the day and to use harmoniously the goods that are at my disposal (computer, telephone, garbage, purchases, etc.)
  • Before I go to sleep, I give thanks for who I am and how I lived my day.
  • Take care of my harmonious relationship with God
  • Look at and admire a creature that God created (a plant, animal or human being. . .)
  • Rejoice in the air I breathe, a free gift.
  • Be attentive to the weather (ex: sunny, cloudy…)
  • Enjoy the food I eat, recognizing how important it is to my life.
  • Rejoice and be grateful for everything.
  • Take care of my harmonious relationship with creation
  • Respect all creatures around me during the day.
  • Be careful that I put back it in its place something I use.
  • Choose a gesture or a word that gives joy and life to my family, my friends and my collaborators. . .

[1] René Dubos, agronome, biologiste et écologue français, en 1972, lors du premier sommet sur l'environnement: «il faut agir localement et penser globalement».