New Cenacle House in Singapore

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After 23 years of living in the convent owned by the IJ   Sisters and administered  by the Singapore archdiocese, the Cenacle – Singapore community moved into a new home on the 31st of March 2021: from Jurong, the far west, to Jalan Angin Laut, the far east, of the island.  Its new address is aptly named and means “sea breeze”: the house is relatively close to the sea and this residential estate enjoys the breeze coming from the sea!


Purchased and renovated through the generosity of Cenacle friends, benefactors and the Catholic community of Singapore, we believe that this house truly belongs to the people and our great desire is to be able to welcome all those who have made this dream a reality.  Due to pandemic restrictions, however, we are not able to do that as yet!


In the meantime, a few have come to visit, and we have shown them the 4 bedrooms,one guest room, a very small office, a consultation room we set apart from the main receiving room with an operable wall, and a small prayer room which was an attic, and now transformed into an Upper Room. 

It has a small garden with the statue of Our Lady of the Cenacle. 





The community is gradually settling in, setting-up the house, and acquainting ourselves with the new neighborhood. 

As we prayed during the long search for a residence, our hope is that this residence will truly be a house built by the Lord, a Cenacle where Pentecost can happen again and again