Our Charism and Mission, Yesterday and Today

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International Meeting of Young Sisters of the Cenacle 

July 2019

16 - 19 July      Our Charism and Mission, Yesterday and Today 

Today, when we reflected on the theme The Church in the charism of the congregation. I was touched by the reading of Mother Lidia Noto's letter. I felt the relevance of our mission and the importance of the Cenacle for the life of the Church and the world.

It is in the Cenacle that the newness, the new commandment of love, which is to reach the ends of the earth, is born.  Here is a paragraph from her 1983 letter announcing that the Constitutions had been adopted on the day of Pentecost: "Let us welcome this event as a gift from the Holy Spirit who, through the Church, has put His seal on what we wanted to express in this text, confirmed the authenticity of our charism, the validity for our time of the mission entrusted to us, and all circumstances which stimulate us to a dynamic fidelity.”

May the Holy Spirit, who renews all things, give us the courage to be faithful to the charism of the Cenacle with a dynamic, creative fidelity, full of tenderness, audacity and humility, because the Spirit always opens paths of life where we had never imagined. Let us be confident: "God is greater than our hearts." (1 John 3:20)  Valeria (Brésil)


Today, we entered the ‘School of the Heart of Jesus’ and welcomed how, from the beginning of the Congregation, our founders desired and loved the hearts of Christ and Mary in a particular way. I keep this sentence of Father Terme as a gift, in a letter he wrote to Mother Thérèse on December 26, 1831: "I leave you all in the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and of Mary, do not forget that you live in their house." It is in this house that, day after day, we can draw fire from the love of God to let it shine around us. And this is possible if we are interiorly disposed to it ... this cannot be done without Christ! Sophie (Europe-Togo)

We continued to root ourselves, together and more and more deeply, in the Heart of Christ: that’s the meaning of entering the ‘School of the Heart’! Our sharings began in the morning and continued at the beginning of the afternoon, and I was overwhelmed as I listened to my sisters. Several times I thought that God was giving me a tremendous grace because my heart was burning while I listened to each one. He’s leading us to have one heart in his Heart – and it’s a burning heart!

Later in the afternoon, we continued with Sr Beth. She shared with us the journey of the Congregation that brought us to « Putting All in Common ».

I’m so touched by the journey that we as a Congregation have made in responding to this call to put all in common aware that knowing that we have more to do! Marielle ( Europe-Togo)

Saturday, July 20 – Day of Integration with Recreation in the Evening

Here are some photos of praying, eating, relaxing, playing, working together…