In the Cenacle

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The very word Cenacle recalls the gathering together of disciples out of love for the Lord. 


The mystery of the Cenacle expresses our mission in the Church and the significance of Mary in our spirituality. It is the mystery of prayerful expectation and waiting in retreat by the first assembly of the Church, with Mary, directed to that outpouring of the Spirit which sent the apostles to the ends of the earth "clothed with power from on high ". Acts 1:8; Lk. 24:49 It is the inspiration for integrating the three dimensions of our mission: prayer, community and apostolic service. 

"All these with one accord devoted themselves to prayer,

together with the women and Mary, the mother of Jesus."

Acts 1:14


The Pentcost, oil painting on pannel of wood, 2mX2m, created by the Cenacle Community of Laxou (East of France), now in the Cenacle of Versailles.