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Music and Literature of the Sisters of the Cenacle


News: Most recent publication in French 


by Sister Michèle Jeunet

    Meditating on the Word of Freedom: Biblical Catechesis and Lectio Divina

    by Sister Michèle Jeunet 





News: Most recent publication in English 

Mysticism and Narcissism

A personal Reflection on Changes in

Theology during My Life  

as a Cenacle Nun.

by Sr. Kathleen Lyons 

Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2016


Books and Music from the Province of North America 


Book and Music from the Province of Brazil 


Risos e l'agrimas em Betania   by Lucia F. Arruda, PAULUS, Editor

In the form of a novel, the book tells the story of Jesus' friendship with the family at Bethany.


The house of Martha, Mary and Lazarus in Bethany was the place where Jesus stayed during his missionary activities in Jerusalem and the surrounding area.  We was welcomed there and felt deeply loved by his faithful friends.  In this novel, Sr Lucia recreates the story of this friendship.  In a mixture of reality and fiction, spirituality and poetry, an extremely human Jesus emerges from these pages.  The joys and sorrows of Jesus shown here reflect the sensitivity and delicacy of his tender and compassionate heart.  Based on current research on the context of the time, Riso e l'agrimas em Betania (Laughter and Tears at Bethany) provides information and education, while at the same time, puts one in touch with the timeless theme of true friendship.


• E-Format: Kindle
• Size of file: 284 KB
• Print Format: 91 pages
• Editor: PAULUS Editeur
• Purchase through Amazon Media EU S.à R. L.
• Languages: English and Brésilien
• ASIN: B00D25860Q
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Music from the Province of Brazil 


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Music and Books from the Region of Philippines-Singapore



The Philippines on You Tube, in English and in Tagalog with Sister Bubbles Bandojo, r.c. 





Prayers From The Upper Room - Sing of Him  Album by Arnel dC Aquino SJ and Bubbles Bandojo rc

In Thanksgiving for 15 years of the Cenacle in Singapore

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Books by Judette Gallares, rc,  of the Region of Philippines Singapour

Following God's Call Scripture Meditations for Vocation Discernment 

By Sr. Judette Gallares, rc, 140 pp, PhP 139

This is helpful for those who seek direction in life and those who accompany others in the journey. What makes it more valuable is the way it provides the reader with salient aspects of vocation direction.

Images of Faith:

Spirituality of Women in the Old Testament

Images of Courage



by Judette A. Gallares, rc



Fire Within:

Spirituality and Mission of Women Disciples

in the Early Church

from an Asian and a Third World Perspective


Books from the EUROPE-TOGO Province

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In English: 

Kate. Stogdon, "Expressions of Self-surrender in Nineteenth-Century France: The Case of Therese Couderc (1805-1885), " in Laurence Lux-Sterritt and Carmen Mangion (eds), Gender, Catholicism and Spirituality: Women and the Roman Catholic Church in Britain and Europe, 1200-1900 (Basingstoke, Palgrave Macmillan, 2011), p.149 - 164




About the Spirituality of our Foundress:

Thérèse Coudrec, 1805-1885, 

la femme, la sainte.

by Sr Paule de Lassus, 1985, Printed by Lescuyer Lyon


















In French:

In English:

Written in 2005 by Sr Hélène Caumeil and Sr Chantal de la Forge, praying with this book helps one to discover the foundress of the Sisters of the Cenacle and her deep spirituality.



Music and Books from New Zealand