Discerning and Helping Others to Discern

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We seek God's will for the community and for the individual sister, keeping the good of the mission in view. The entire community is involved in this mission, participating in it through prayer, witness and the variety of gifts which make possible the totality of our service. Attentive to the movements of the Holy Spirit and aware of the risk of illusion, we make communal and personal discernment an essential element in our search.

 Since seeking God in and through all things is the basis for the unity of our lives as apostles, discernment, both personal and communal, plays an important role. It leads us to recognize the presence and action of God in the world and in our lives and to know what spirit is moving us. It forms us in that spiritual liberty which enables us to adhere to the will of God. 

We want to share the word of God with all to whom we are sent and, with them, to listen to the Holy Spirit. Accompanying them in their quest for God, we try to help them discern his will.  Then as they progress in knowledge and love of the Lord, we encourage them to respond to the challenge of the Gospel in personal and family life, and also in professional and civic activity.  Such personal growth leads to promoting here and now the Kingdom of God, a kingdom of justice and peace.

The retreat, an experience of prayer and discernment, is a time of grace for the retreatants and for us who share it with them.  As we witness the marvelous action of God, we are filled with wonder and reminded that we are servants of a work infinitely beyond our powers.


Catechesis has been associated with the work of retreats since our foundation. It is an essential part of our apostolic service, and our formation must prepare us for it. This ministry has a special urgency today because rapid changes in the world provoke serious crises which have repercussions in the religious domain. Christians need to have their faith solidly grounded and nourished.  Our objective is to form the whole Christian. We seek to develop in each one a sense of prayer, attentiveness to the Spirit and involvement in the service of others as the person's knowledge of Christ progresses in the light of Scripture.

The very nature of our mission challenges us in the living out of our vocation. At times we struggle between acceptance and rejection of God's love as do those whom we guide. We must often reaffirm our response to the call of the Lord and renew both our dependence on him and our fundamental attitude of detachment. Thus our apostolic work requires faith, humility, courage and a confidence which relies on God to sow the word and give it increase