Ignatius in Rome

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International Meeting of Young Sisters of the Cenacle 

July 2019

30 - 31 July: Ignatius in Rome

La Storta and Pilgrimage to Ignatian Sites

What struck me today is Ignatius' experience in the chapel at La Storta where he heard God say to him "I will be favourable to you in Rome."  I too want to help people to feel and to ‘taste’ the love of God in their daily lives. Eliane (Brésil)  

Ignace in the streets of Rome

This afternoon, we walked in the footsteps of Ignatius and his companions in Rome. a route had been prepared for us with locations and buildings that were particularly significant in the life of the early Companions of Jesus. We had a little story about each location, and we were invited to be attentive to three points:

1.      The relationship that the Companions had with the people of the society of their time: were they people who were rich, influential in the life of the city, or were they poor, marginalized, or strangers?

2.      Of what nationality were the people that the Companions encountered?

3.     Notice the interior movements of Ignatius.

Ignatius and his Companions were in contact with people from all walks of life, from the poorest to the Spanish governor. Ignatius made good use of his relations with influential people (e.g., the governor, the pope etc.) in order to make the work and charism known and to finance projects to assist the poor. He put the rich and the poor in touch with one another, helping the former to serve the latter.

They were very rooted in Rome, going to many Italians, despite their very poor skills in the Italian language. Ignatius was equally very close to the many Spanish people who were living in Rome, again from the greatest to the smallest in society.

Ignatius, as we know, was a man very attached to poverty; he was filled with zeal and had an interior authority and a certitude that enabled him to have clarity and to dare a lot. He may have been quite pained at times, particularly when he was accused of using poverty to actually seek a high office in the Church.

We ended the afternoon at the Church of St. Ignatius, where we took the time to pray and reflect upon all of this

What touched me was to see how Ignatius placed himself close to all of the social classes of society and did not hesitate to approach the “great ones” in order to help the poor, either through them or through his companions. He was able to meet everyone and each one, and he allowed people to be connected to one another as well. This challenges me about the choices of our own apostolic locations and the manner in which we relate with each other. Claire (Europe-Togo)

The Rooms of Ignatius and the Church of the Gèsu

Today is the Feast of St. Ignatius, and we are very happy to visit the Church of the Gesù where the tomb of Ignatius himself is found. Then we visited his rooms of St Ignatius.

I am touched by that choice that Ignatius and his companions made to settle in the heart of the city. They did not seek a quiet location as did the cloistered religious because they wanted to be with the people to proclaim Jesus Christ.

Ignatius’ attitude of wanting to bring God’s salvation to all types of people, strong or vulnerable, also touched me. I felt that Ignatius truly sought God’s will in all things, with all of his strength, for the glory of God and the salvation of souls.

This also made me feel the importance of our mission “To make Jesus Christ better known and loved” in our world today. Through our charism, we can reach all types of people, especially the vulnerable. Victorine (Madagascar)

Moved by this picture at the tomb of Fr. Pedro Arrupe, I sense the desire to join them in the embrace of the broken Jesus. I have spent many days reflecting on and listening to God's invitation for me since the theme of Digital mysticism and Prophecy. This “instant” world cries in deep loneliness, vast emptiness and a desperate need to be heard / and recognised. It is time that I leave my comfort zone and the secure walls of institution and go to join my Lord there.

"Whoever lives in the light of this undivided love for God and for all men and women does not fear going out into the world." (Fr.Pedro Arrupe). And so I sing in response to Christ: 

Do not ask me to abandon or forsake you! For I will go wherever you go, lodge wherever you lodge, your people will be my people and your God will be my God too. Wherever you die I will die, and there be buried. (Ruth 1, 16-17.) Fr. Arrupe, pray for us.    Kriz (Asie)

Thursday, August 1         Day of Integration

Friday, August 2     Closing of the International Young Sisters Meeting

In the morning we came together for a final sharing on what God has revealed to us during this month. We took time to listen deeply and receive how each one shared herself.

In the evening, we celebrated a closing liturgy presided by a Malgache Jesuit, Fr. Athanase. At the end of the Mass, Sr Patricia Byrne gave each of the young sisters a copy of Se Livrer in Mother Thérèse’s own handwriting. It was a way to mission each one to live what Se Livrer embodies for herself in everyday life

We continued our celebration with aperitif and a festive dinner. After this, we had a relaxing evening of fun with music, dance, games and role-playing! 

What a joyful way to end a wonderful month during which our young sisters came to know each other and how to live more deeply our charism and mission in the world today. Truly God is Good, God is more than Good. God is Goodness. We cannot forget!

Then the 3rd and 4th of August arrived the time of the goodbyes ...