International Formation Meeting 2018

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International Formation Meeting 2018



ouverture_manille_0.png             The opening 


manille_2_0.png Consecrated life in today's world

manille_3_0.pngThe challenge of multiculurality


Immersion Expérience


Re-readign the immersion experience

manille_6_0.pngDigital mysticisme  manielle_7_0.pngOur concern1 manille_8_0.pngOur concern 2

manille_9_0.pngMidwifes of God's gift 1

manille_10_0.pngMidwifes of God's gift 2 manille_11_0.pngMidwifes of God's gift 3 manille_12.pngSharing God's gift